Friday, August 26, 2016

True Love Meaning

What is True Love?

There are certain things you need to see in a relationship for you to say "indeed this is True Love".

This is the True Meaning of True Love in a Relationship

Trust (your partner)
Respect (his/her views)
Understanding (is key)
Endurance (always)

Listening (ear)
Obey (his command)
Value(add value)
Entertain (her always)

That is the meaning of True Love!
If you have all these working for you in your relationship, congratulation you have found True Love.
But if you are yet to find True Love, please wait for it and continue to be the real you

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Mad Love For Vivian PT8

The Sexy Love Story ContinuesRead the previous part of this mad love story here version....And try walking out, but she held me and begged me not to leave her alone. "Uncle please don't leave only me here I'm afraid something bad will happen to me.

Please just hold me" (This na Temptation, wey go lead to confusion) Don't worry dear I will be back, just let me go shower and change my cloths, I will be back in a jiffy. (Wow! It worked. I'm good! She will have it real hot with me tonight.) So I quickly ran out of her room, took off my cloths straight to the bath after which I went back to her, lay beside her and held her very closely.

Friday, August 5, 2016

APOLOGY. The Key To Relationship Success

To apologize is to say "Am Sorry", it also means, "I respect You", I still "love You", I value this Relationship and i want it also to continue If you love and cherish your relationship, you must do all it takes to protect it. One of the things you must do at any time the situation calls for it is, APOLOGY. You must learn to say "Am Sorry" to your partner or spouse each time you err. Saying "am sorry" when you are wrong is compusory and must be adhered to, if love and peace must thrive.(but this is not the best, because it has no extra-ordinary effect)

  SAYING "I'm SORRY" WHEN YOUR ARE RIGHT: here is where the key lays. Ladies, this is the sacrifice you have to make for your relationship to succeed. "I'

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My True Love For Vivian Continues

My True Love Story Part7

I'm In Love With My Wife's Younger Sister Prt3
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...hope the alcohol content is not high?
No dear just 7.5%Vol even a baby can take, it is harmless.
After two glasses I suggested a toast. "So what are we toasting to?" Let's toast to;
And True Love. (Wow! She actually toasted to true love with me?)

Finish your drink dear, you can see that I've finish my. "Uncle I have taken enough(yawning and her eyes closing gradually) " Finish it, good, you need to go and shower now so that your sleep will be cool.
"Okay sir"
She almost feel down as she stood up in a hurry to walk out, I quickly rose to her support. I had to guide her to the bathroom to take her bath.

I was watching closely as she step into the bath, took off her cloths not minding that the door was open. After taking her bath, it was another drama as it was very difficult getting out of the bath. After waiting for her to come out herself for about 20minutes I had to move in to help her out.

At that point I had lost total control over my real sense of reasoning...only one thing was sure for me. I took the clothless young, sexy beautiful vivian into her room, lay her on the bed and........

to be continued on thursday

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

My True Love For Vivian

True Love story
The True Love Story Of How I Fell-In-Love with My Wife's Younger Sister Continues

for reference and better understanding please read;True Love Story PT5
My True Love Story With Vivian PT2
This night something must happen. So arriving home I decided to play a fast one on her, and it worked perfectly as expected.

Vivian please come and celebrate with me, God spared my life today if not you would have probably received a call asking you to come see me in the mortuary.

She reluctantly walk out of her room...
"welcome sir".
Why is your face like that, are you not happy that I'm still alive, do you know that if it had not been God I would have been a dead man by now?.
"God forbid! Uncle what happened?"
My dear, I don't know how it happened, I can't even explain it. As I was driving back to the office this after, I don't know what happened; maybe I was sleeping or I lost consciousness...or probably something else. All i could remember was that I just found myself in front of a big lorry, I don't know how I managed to swerve of the lane to the other lane and as God may have it no vehicle was coming on the other lane.

My dear please come celebrate with me for what God has done in my life today.
"Ahh! Thank God oh, I wouldn't have forgiven myself if anything had happen to you, coz it would appear that I caused it all".
True Story Of A Woman's Wickedness To A Fellow Woman

My dear forget about all that it's time to celebrate.
"Wow! This is really good, all this for you and I alone or is my sister coming back this night?."

No my dear, it's just you and I alone tonight. Now will you stop asking questions and join the party?.
"This wine tastes good; hope the alcohol content is not high?"

The story continues.........
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