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    12 Incontrovertible Sex Facts

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    Incontrovertible Sex Facts are those sex facts that applies to all, regardless of your Colour, Race and Religion.

    Here are 12 Incontrovertible Sex Facts 

    1. Sex increases your heart beat especially at the point of orgasm.
    2. During an extended Sex section, about 100 to 300 amount of calories are burnt. 
     3. About 30% of married men worldwide are likely to have sex (Cheat) with 1-2 ladies outside when their wife is heavily pregnant.
    4. Sexual unfaithfulness happens more in women few days before the menstrual period than any other time. 
     5. The life expectancy of every man is directly tied to his sexual lifestyle/history. 
    6. 50% of men have told more lies on bed, or just to have sex with a lady than they have told in their circular job/business(verified)

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    7. Sex and sex related issues is one of the major causes of divorce all over the world. 
    8. A lot of issues and misunderstanding in marriage are often resolved and laid to rest during Sexual intercourse. 
    9. Most of the ladies who shy away from discussing sex in the public or with friends are more Sex crazy than those who freely talk about sex.
    10. You can never be totally satisfied sexually(the more sex you have, the more sex you wanna have). 11. Your regular Sex position makes Sex either fun or boring for your wife. 
    12. Sex after Wedding: the honeymoon sex experience is regarded the most memorable for lots of women, especially those who lost their virginity that night. 

    Those are the 12 Incontrovertible Sex Facts gathered by experts through Research and Studies.

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