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    Ladies Christmas Madness


    I still cant understand why a lady descend so low to give away her most priced asset (her Virginity) for just 50k ($150) because she wanted to put the best cloths and wear a natural hair extension, and jewelries to celebrate Christmas. Just because she wanted to prove a point to her friends; she wanted to be the center of attraction in her church on Christmas day.
    The rich guy (whom she doesn't even know his source of money) took away her virginity (something she has kept for 22years) and gave her the money (50k), but unfortunately for her the guy sent his boys after her to collect the money back from her. So they beat her up, leaving her with lots of bruises all over her face and dislocation, and now she's still in the hospital taking treatments.
    1. Now her virginity is gone.
    2. She has no money to console herself with.
    3. She celebrated the Christmas on a hospital bed.
    4. She is battling with her health.
    5. And couldn't show off again.
    She lost it all just because she wanted to do christmas show off; she wanted to belong to the class of senior and sophisticated ladies.

    It was after his boys was arrested by the police that she got to discover that the guy who she cheaply sold her virginity to was actually an armed robber. Too late to cry.

    Christmas Madness indeed!

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