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    Quality Time: A Special Gift Of Love


    The Valentine's Day Celebration has come and gone (though most people shifted theirs to weekend), hope you got all you needed?.

    As i was watching my favorite morning program on TVC, hosted by Morayo and other beautiful and lovely ladies today, i came across something that i think is worth sharing with you. 
    There was something very remarkable about what Alawode James Jumoke
     said this morning on  #YourViewTvc as her opening remarks and i want us to examine it critically. 

    She said "I got all I wanted for valentine, Quality Time". 


    All she wanted from her hubby as a valentine gift was "Quality Time" which is probably her Love Language. And her husband decided that "Jomoke you know what, since Quality Time is all you've been clamoring for all this while, I have decided to give it to you today as a special Gift of Love". Now I ask, how many of our women out there actually know what they really want?

    Secondly, how many of our men really know how to give to a woman  exactly what she really desire the most?.

    Note: had her husband given her an SUV, Rolls Royce Phantom or iPhone 7  as a Valentines gift, it would have been a great idea and "perfect gift", but do you know that it would have made little or no difference to her? all she wanted was quality time and that is exactly what her husband MUST give to her if he doesn't want her to be heart broken.

    * Gift can Never substitute for Quality Time, they are two different love Language.

    Then the next thing she also said was that she noticed that she was lacking in the area of Giving Gift to her husband, so she decided to get him a gift. Mutual right? Wonderful! 
    I'm sure this couple got their Love Tank filled and over-flowing yesterday.

    What about you?. 

    Hope you've been able to learn one or two things from the story of Jumoke and her hubby. You must know your partner, his/her love language(s) and try all you can (even if it requires a huge sacrifice) to speak it in his/her native dialect (in a customized way, not the way your friend does his/hers). Remember that we are wired differently by our maker.


    1. This is wonderful, i really enjoyed reading this. God bless you Buchi, keep it up.


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