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    Ladies:How To Shut Guys Up



    Ladies, wise up stop allowing guys to always take advantage of you. 
    If a guy tells you: "Babe Í love you and I will do just anything to prove my love for you and to make you happy".
     Just pause him immediately, don't allow him to continue rapping .
    Ask him "Really"?

    And he goes again "yes dear I really mean every word of it"
    Pause him again and quickly tell him:
    "Please i need an iPhone X from you now as a proof of  your love for me and to make me really happy".  
    Ask him to follow you immediately to the nearest phone shop to get it for you.

    A chronic womanizer will CURSE your mother, father and your entire generation. 
    A play guy will give you a million excuses while he cant get it for you immediately, things like:
    'Babe you know, i don't have my debit card on me here i would have love to get it for you immediately"

    A poor dude will just take a walk without saying a word. But if the guy still summon the courage to continue speaking, it could mean he truly Loves you. But i doubt any guy will want to see you again after such encounter.

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