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    How To Marry An Igbo Lady And Pay Less



    Getting married to an Igbo lady is very cheap if you know the secret, or you are able to get an insider who will leak the secret to you.
    So if you have found an igbo bride_to_be and you want to go ahead and make her your bride without wasting time an at the same time you don't have much to waste on unnecessary feeding of the community aka lavish party, please read on.

    Before you continue i want to give you a quick preview of what this is all about and why you need to believe every bit of what i will be sharing with you.
    Igbo marriage has been acclaimed to be very expensive over the years, but the cart pushers, pure water hawkers, and house boys are still getting married to igbo ladies and living happily with their wives, reason various Igbo communities have different categories of list for different categories of in-laws to be. So your appearance, knowledge of their cultures and tradition and bargaining wisdom, determines what you will pay. But the original list that is NOT inflated and manipulated remains one, but very had to find.

    If you want to marry an igbo lady and you don't have much to spend, please: 

    • Go to her place with her, sit down with her parents and explain yourself to them. Tell them you would have loved to do a lavish party and make them proud, but can't afford it at the moment; then promise to make it up to them when you are fully settled. Assure them you love their daughter so much, you will love her forever, and you will take good care of her and the family at large.
    • "Brain wash" your bride to be into convincing her parents/family that you are the very best for her and she can't do without you.
    • Please before you leave that village, make a friend, preferably a poor, popular and truth-saying old man (just buy him snuff (N200 IS ENOUGH) he will guide you into all truth and help on the day you will be facing the Umunna).
    • And on the day of the traditional rites, do not fail to go with an outspoken, fearless and vibrant elder from your own side (with such a fellow and the elder you have "bribed" earlier, you will not have to say a word till everything is concluded).

    If you follow all these steps faithfully, you will know that there are different lists for different category of people (this is why those earring hawking guys get married without much stress). Big list for big boys and slim list for average people, NO long list for poor dudes they just provide the basic things and walk away with their bride.

    1. The first stanza of the list (palm wine, snuff, ..., less than #10,000)
    2. The bride price (less than #1000 Naira). Every other thing on that list is jara and you can do without it, but your father and mother in-law MAY not get share when other people children get married.

    The entire list and its content is shared 50-50 between the community and the parents of the bride, that's why if you are an average guy and you have good and understanding in-laws, they will advice you to settle the umunna (community) and leave there's, just to wipe away shame on their faces and for them not to be black listed. 

    But if you are a poor dude, you will just pay the basics and walk away with your bride but your wife's parents will pray for you and beg you also to come back and wipe away the shame, when God blesses you. But that does not mean you are not fully married.

    1. Show of wealth(show them that you have made the money).
    2. I want to belong (i must do my own like Mr A)
    3. What will people say ("they will now say my own daughter got married to a poor man who could'nt afford all the items on the ambiguous  list").
    4. Personal ego ("i want my in-law to come with a jeep, my daughter must marry a rich obodo oyibo husband").
    5. Greed (most parents are so greedy)
    6. Feeding of the nation (lavish traditional wedding ceremony)

    WAY OUT: opt out of traditional wedding ceremony, just provide them with the basic requirements and walk away with your wife after taking the accompanying blessings (the best and most easiest way of doing it now is to do everything in cash, give them the money equivalent of all the basic requirements and that's all).

    Igbo marriage ceremonies were done low-key until some guys went into 419, made huge money and came back home to marry; so it was that when they were asked for just one item, they will double it 10x.
    Then the second sets of people that destroyed it all and caused the inflation of the lists, where the obodo oyibo (over sea) guys, they came and threw money at umunna in away that no one has ever done. Now no family will want there's to be anything different, and that is the genesis of the whole problem.

    Summary: igbo marriage is very cheap and will continue to get cheaper, but you need to go for a lady that will be willing to take the shame and insults to be with you just because she loves you and believe in your ability to wipe the shame a way from her and her  family in future. Do you know that most Igbo parents, just wish their daughter/s could just marry a very rich man, even if the man becomes poor after the wedding they don't mind?.

    Too bad right?
    Igbo ladies and soo beautiful, faithful once married and so supportive, so go get one now.

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