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       Dating tips. Get dating tips here, all you need to build your relationship and enjoy your dating experience. if you have any issue with your date, here is the perfect place to be for hot, juicy and relevant dating tips.  Enjoy our wonderful dating tips.                  


           Dating? Don't Do this

                                    Dating Facts, Tips and Advice

     * It is wrong for you to believe that all girls are cheap just because you met few cheap girls. Some girls do respect themselves and they are not easy to get.

     * it is also wrong for you to think that all guys are sex seekers just because you've met a couple of guys who are always after sex. The truth is that most guys are ready to go with you for 2years without s*x
     * Having a lot of prostitute in the street and brothel does not make every female a prostitute, it is very wrong to see ladies especially the matured ones as prostitutes.

    * while it's a wrong notion to believe that your money can buy you any woman you want. Yes it is said that "you get the money, you get the power and you get the ladies" hey! Your money is never a guarantee to getting "Every" and any woman. Money does not move some ladies and it can never buy them or their love.

    * It is also wrong to think that your beauty, shape, figure, height and natural endowment can get every man on their knees for you, some guys are not moved by your physical attributes and looks, it doesn't just hold any water on them.

    * It may interest you to note that it is not guys who always ask for sex in most relationship, the ladies do also, in fact they insult and call the man different names if he refuses to do it.

    * It is so bad to believe that there are no more Virgins in your city or state just because you see how bad girls flirt around you and other guys, virgin girls are all over the place, in fact the one before you now maybe one, they don't move around with inscriptions on their forehead or clothes "AM A VIRGIN" some of them even behave like the bad girls yet they are still a virgin. Please note before: virginity is not a guarantee that she will be a good partner or that she will never cheat on you in the future. It only means that she is keeping her body for her husband, it may be as a result of her up bringing or the fear of God almighty.

     * Is it wrong to assume that city girls are corrupt and can't make a good wife, thereby going to the village to marry one supposed good girl. Most girls in the villages are worst, marry them, bring them to the city and they will kill you and abscond with another city big boy or you will share her with your driver, gate man and other local guys.

     * If your guy or girl is cheating on you, call him or her to tell and discuss is together, try to find out the reason behind it, in the case that you are unable to resolve it and you decided to quit, please never you walk straight into another relationship with the same wrong notion.
    * never you treat your present partner just the same way your ex treated you (it is called vengeance mission). What this simply means is, it is very wrong to pass the sins and hurt from your ex to the present person, it will never work out that relationship can never stand.
     * so, relate with people based on who they are, their actions and life style.
    * it takes the effort of you both to make the relationship work-out so you have to contribute your own quota towards building a solid foundation for your relationship, do not leave it to him/her alone.
     * you can never be right always, sometime you have to let your partners say count. Talk and allow him/her to talk also.
     * Try to learn things you don't know. Be teachable , accept your mistakes and apologize when necessary, pride kills and hash words destroy things but a soft word builds. Say am sorry the right time and say it as if you really mean it.

    * Do not go for her if you are sure you will not respect her, her view and feelings. If he/she can not get you to change your mind on certain issues, if he/she can't call you to order when you are so angry and ready to destroy property worth of a million dollars or when you pick up your gun and about to pull the trigger then he/she has no need being with you at all.

             If you can adhere strictly to all that is mentioned here, it will not be difficult for you to find love, build a relationship and stay happy all your life time.

     * She will appreciate it if you can create out time to always be with her rather than sending her the most beautiful flowers/roses. Spend quality time together, take her to the mall for lunch, beach , go shopping together, don't just buy that expensive wrist watch, Perfume, Neck-less etc and send to her ,allow her make her choices this will make her feel respected. Your woman is always happy when you take her out to some social events, to see a movie, play games , visit your friends and family members, it gives her a sense of
    security and it's kind of an assurance that you are proud of her.

    * Guys also need gifts, so do not feel it's only the responsibility of your man to get you gift . You too can, so walk into that shop nearer to you where men wears are sold and get him a nice t shirt , jean trouser or a pair of foot wears , present it to him as a surprise package and watch his response. This is a sure way to the heart of a man.
     * build your relationship on truth, sincerity and "trust".
     * beware of friends! Most of the people you call your friends do not like you and they are not happy when your relationship is blossoming.
     * be careful what you share with your friends about your relationship, especially if your girl is good or your guy is loaded in money.
    * avoid dating and relationship tussle and contest, it is very deadly. If you know your worth you don't need a fight to win him/her, play the right card. Just drop your well planed and arranged "proposal" on the table, step aside and wait for you to be called (by the time he or she realizes how special, unique and important you are, then he/she will have no option than to search you out where ever you are).

    - who is your mentor?
     -who is your teacher?
     -who are you following?

     >what are you reading?
     >how has is affected your life ?
     >how much have you invested in it?

                       If you want to be successful on your relationship, if you want to build a solid foundation for your relationship then you must follow those who are successful in theirs. Read from those who has got all it takes, just like Dating and Health Advice, like us on Facebook and follow our weekly Blog post; invest your time and money to acquire all that can help your relationship ( books, video and Audio messages. Make out time to attend singles seminar and programs. Finally; see success in any relationship you are into or about going into, be positive always and you will enjoy your love life, even if you.........continue reading

                                                  DATING RULES AND QUOTES.
    1. Do not look for a man who has got "everything", you will be of no value to him, rather look for a man who has got a Vacuum in his life where you can Fill.

    2. Seek not after a lady with a perfect, astonishing beauty, she will not appreciate you enough, rather seek after that girl who has got an amazing beauty Hidden inside of her, clean her up to bring the Beauty in her out and you will forever be her Hero, her Lord.

    3. Are you afraid of losing what you have now, which is not even the best for you?
    Have you taken out time to consider what you are missing not letting go of that Cat and Mouse relationship you are in now?. Yes, it is often said that "you don't know what you have until you lose it" , it may also interest you to note that "you don't also know what you are missing until you've found it". If what you have now is not giving you Peace, Happiness and sense of Security, then it is not the best for you. So dare for more, accept nothing less than TRUE LOVE and HAPPINESS. 

    4. If you want to marry a man/woman after God's heart, then you must be somewhere nearer to God's heart.

    5. Marry your love and friend, someone you are always comfortable when you around him or her, some one who will not see a lot mistakes in almost everything you do, someone who makes you happy.
    Dating Tips and Advice
    Dating Tips

    6. You don't have to make sense at all times to make him/her happy if you both are truly in love, most times you say silly and none sense things and he/she will shout "WOW! this is the most sensible thing i have heard in a long time" this is a great sign that you both are truly in love.(love covers all things).

    Enjoy your relationship, it is good to be loved and very good to love. Love is not all about money and gifts , it is all about caring, sharing, continue reading


                                Find out Why She Loves You.

                                           Dating Tips and Advice

                  If she accept to marry you for a selfish reason then you are heading for destruction (she will kill you and abscond with her real lover boy) or a lonely part in future ( she will dump you go after a better lover) and your end will be in misery.
         Hello Guys,
    here comes the part2 of our previous POST as promised.
    The beginning of most relationship is usually fun, excitement, caring and sharing which is very good, but the most important thing to consider is the ENDING, "there is no need to end if you will not end well" . Imagine the agony of living the later part of your life alone (when you are about 60 and above), a lot of men are suffering from this illness today and am sure you don't want to be one, whence the need to consider the following before marrying her;

    1. Money and Fame = if the major reason why she wants to marry you is your money or fame then something is wrong and that relationship may never stand the test of time, of course we all know that money is never a permanent friend and FAME also is very difficult to maintain forever, just a little error and you are back stage , think of Micheal Tyson, former Golf no.1 (TIGER WOODS)etc. You may want to ask; how do i know if she love me for my Money?, simple, she will always demand money and many other material things, for you to be very sure, turn down her demands in 2 or 3 consecutive occasions, her re-action will speak... But this advice will be of no use to you, if you are bribing her parents, friends, colleague and her heart for her to marry you( this simply means that you should never attempt Buying Love).

    2. Physic and Sex-ability = most guys brag and are proud of their sexual strength today and most ladies crave for this, but before you end up regretting ask your self this Question ; will i be this active in the next 20 years?, what happens when i can no longer give it to her just the way she love it? (she will go for a younger and active guy).

    3. Position and Power -  you can never be the MD of that bank forever, and you......continue reading.



     If The Foundation Is faulty It will Not Stand The Test Of Time.


          Hello welcome to a brand new week, how was your weekend?. It's very important we started this week discussing some issues which are Vital to our relationships especially for those who just got an Engagement ring, those waiting to get theirs and some who are about to sign the life-long contract (wedding).  This Post is aimed at addressing certain vital issues which are likely to cause future Hurts ,regrets, rejection,  demoralization and total devastation in marriage which in turn may lead to committing suicide.
           Find out, ask question, do all you can to discover the real reason behind his/her loving you, and if the Reason/s are any of the following, you may want to give it a second thought;

    1. BEAUTY: yes, you are so beautiful today and you are so happy he loves you because of your Beauty, danger looms ahead because the beauty will surely fade one day, what then will sustain the marriage?.  A true life story, Mike got married to this Beautiful and captivating lady (Cindy),  after the wedding Cindy got to know that her husband had loved and married her because of her Breast, he can't do without it, he plays, feeds, sleeps and woke up each day on her breast, to the point of denying his kids their mothers breast milk. One day  the unexpected happen, she had been diagnosed of breast cancer and had to undergo a surgery which would have one of her breast chopped off (mike did all he could to save the most precious thing to him in the body of his wife, but all his effort proved abortive).   To cut the long story short, Mike told  Cindy he can not stay with her any longer because he got married to her breast and since the breast is gone ,the beauty has diminished, the love is gone and the marriage was over, Cindy was so devastated even after all the intervention and pleading from friends and family  Mike never changed his decision.
        To avoid this kind of ending, please "Know The Mind of Your Man"!

    2. SHAPE: If you loose your shape to over weight, accident or any other unforeseen circumstances you loose your husband, your love.

    3. DRESSING AND CLASSY: Pregnancy, child birth and nurturing could affect your dress sense and classy looks negatively then what happens?.
       And many more e.g, Cooking, hard working ( in the area of domestic activities) etc. Just be sure these things are not
    ..........continue reading here

    I wish you LOVE.

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