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    Love is the engine oil of any relationship, if there is no love existing between too friends, then it can not stand. Find Love, be loved, show someone love, just share your love with that special person who makes your heart go gagaga....

    Love is what we preach here, so welcome to the city of love.

    If you claim to be in love with someone and no one calls you a fool,
    you are yet to love.

    Love makes you appear to be foolish yet you are aware of what people
    think and say but you are neither deterred.

    Love is not all about kissing, caressing, sex , and other romantic
    expressions. #Love is not money, gift, Sms, and constant/regular phone
    calls. Love is about building Relationship, fellowship,
    companionship, exchange of great
     and positive ideas, correction, encouragement and support.

    If you are
    lacking in the area of spiritual activities (prayers) your partner
    should be able to lift you up in that area. you
     both come together to share ideas for business, carrier, future and to
    inspire each other positively.

    Your partner should also be able to correct you in love
    (helping you get rid of some unhealthy lifestyle and act,
    e.g over sleeping, smoking, alcoholism and other ugly acts).


    1. That man whose job is not too demanding, who decided to sit down at
    home, because the wife's job is too demanding. He takes care of the
    kids, do the dish, cooking, laundry and other house chores, all
    without complains .

    2. The woman whose friend came to her house to report of her husbands'
    infidelity. She show the woman the picture she took of the man kissing
    a lady in a hotel that same day, the woman told her that she was going
    to bath her husband with acid the moment he arrive home.

    She (the lady) went ahead to tell the woman that if it were to be her,
    she will poison the man straight away because he doesn't deserve to be
    alive and as the discussion was going on, the man arrived.

    At the sighting of her husband ,the woman got up, ran towards the
    husband to welcome him with a sunshine-like smile, collected his
    briefcase, took off his jacket and gave him a passionate welcome
    kissing (the kind of kissing that can signal the kick-off of a
    football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, you know what i mean,
    or don't you?) which lasted for about five minutes, in the presence of
    the reporter(the lady).

    Later she ushered him to the shower and when the woman came out to the
    living room again, the lady asked "what was all that rubbish for?" then
    the woman replied "am just giving him the last kiss he will ever get
    alive" and nodded to it with joy.

    The lady left expecting the news of the man's obituary the next but it
    never happened because the woman served her husband his meal the way
    she should, without nagging or any form of arguments or quarrels. It
    happened that after everything in the middle of the night , she woke
    him up, ask him if he truly loves her.... and show him the pictures.

    The man was amazed and the first question he ask his wife was "honey,
    did you poison my food?" and she replied "NO, how can i attempt to
    kill the man i call my husband, the man i love so much with all my

    In nutshell, the man apologized that night and repented from it completely.

    My friend, this is true love, it's a Three Fold Cord that can never be broken.

    True Love CAN NEVER DIE.

    Have you found Love?.

    Love also offers Support: Financially, Materially, mentally, physically,
    spiritually, emotionally and other wise.

    Love is a Beautiful Feeling.


           You should not measure how much he loves you  with how often he calls, if he calls you at least once daily he is not doing bad, most times it could be that something is troubling him so you just have to call him to know what is going on with him, because if you fail to call him thinking he doesn't care about you, he may be disappointed on you so you need to call him some times when he fails to call, until it become a routine with him then you will know something is wrong. secondly,

    most guys are very difficult to understand so take your time to study him, don't just conclude on your own thought that he is not serious he could be testing you and you are not aware of it.

    Note; your man can not be the same as that of your friend, so love, treat and relate with him.....Continue reading

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    perfect partner image

    Every body seem to be looking for that perfect partner, but the big question is, how many among them have found one?
    Now let's consider this as we try to unveil the true identity of the perfect partner.
    Are you seeking for the Perfect Partner? If you are one of those seeking, may i ask you;
    Can someone find you to be a Perfect Partner. Are you a Perfect Partner ?.
    Let's assume your response is "yes" to yourself, what is the description of a Perfect Partner to you?.
    Mr/Miss Perfect, are you sure other people can cope with you for a whole day in the same house?.
    Can you confidently tell yourself that your lifestyle is just Perfect.(considering the way you talk, walk,eat,dress and address people)?

    Some people are tall some short, some are fat while others are slim, fair and dark. Which is perfect?
    A lady once said she is the dream girl of every man, because she is tall,slender and fair complexioned. One day she came across a man who told her how much he detest fair and tall ladies, the man gave his reasons to be promiscuity.

    If we all seek after the Perfect Partner and at the same time having diverse interest on Size, shape, height and color, then how do we measure or classify The Perfect Partner?
    should we now say there is no perfect partner, or do you still believe they do exist?.
    No matter what your response is to the numerous questions attached to the subject matter, you must note the following:
    1. Until you are said to be a perfect partner by someone else, you are not a perfect partner.
    2. No one can be a Perfect Partner until an imperfect partner tested and prove you to be one.
    3. Can a man whose heart is desperately wicked be referred to as Perfect?
    4. Why are you seeking for a partner if you are very sure you are "Perfect" you should be able to do everything for yourself.

    marriage is for two imperfect adults, two forgivers. Are you one?
    The perfect partner is the one who has strength in your area of .......continue reading here



    If The Foundation Is faulty It will Not Stand The Test Of Time.


      Hello welcome to a brand new week, how was your weekend?. It's very important we started this week discussing some issues which are Vital to our relationships especially for those who just got an Engagement ring, those waiting to get theirs and some who are about to sign the life-long contract (wedding).  This Post is aimed at addressing certain vital issues which are likely to cause future Hurts ,regrets, rejection,  demoralization and total devastation in marriage which in turn may lead to committing suicide.
           Find out, ask question, do all you can to discover the real reason behind his/her loving you, and if the Reason/s are any of the following, you may want to give it a second thought;

    1. BEAUTY: yes, you are so beautiful today and you are so happy he loves you because of your Beauty, danger looms ahead because the beauty will surely fade one day, what then will sustain the marriage?.  A true life story, Mike got married to this Beautiful and captivating lady (Cindy),  after the wedding Cindy got to know that her husband had loved and married her because of her Breast, he can't do without it, he plays, feeds, sleeps and woke up each day on her breast, to the point of denying his kids their mothers breast milk. One day  the unexpected happen, she had been diagnosed of breast cancer and had to undergo a surgery which would have one of her breast chopped off (mike did all he could to save the most precious thing to him in the body of his wife, but all his effort proved abortive).   To cut the long story short, Mike told  Cindy he can not stay with her any longer because he got married to her breast and since the breast is gone ,the beauty has diminished, the love is gone and the marriage was over, Cindy was so devastated even after all the intervention and pleading from friends and family  Mike never changed his decision.
        To avoid this kind of ending, please "Know The Mind of Your Man"!

    2. SHAPE: If you loose your shape to over weight, accident or any other unforeseen circumstances you loose your husband, your love...... CONTINUE READING


     Find out Why She Loves You.

    Love tips.

                  If she accept to marry you for a selfish reason then you are heading for destruction (she will kill you and abscond with her real lover boy) or a lonely part in future ( she will dump you go after a better lover) and your end will be in misery.
    Hello Guys,
    here comes the part2 of our previous POST as promised.
    The beginning of most relationship is usually fun, excitement, caring and sharing which is very good, but the most important thing to consider is the ENDING, "there is no need to end if you will not end well" . Imagine the agony of living the later part of your life alone (when you are about 60 and above), a lot of men are suffering from this illness today and am sure you don't want to be one, whence the need to consider the following before marrying her;

    1. Money and Fame = if the major reason why she wants to marry you is your money or fame then something is wrong and that relationship may never stand the test of time, of course we all know that money is never a permanent friend and FAME also is very difficult to maintain forever, just a little error and you are back stage , think of Micheal Tyson, former Golf no.1 (TIGER WOODS)etc. You may want to ask; how do i know if she love me for my Money?, simple, she will always demand money and many other material things, for you to be very sure, turn down her demands in 2 or 3 consecutive occasions, her re-action will speak... But this advice will be of no use to you, if you are bribing her parents, friends, colleague and her heart for her to marry you( this simply means that you should never attempt Buying Love).

    2. Physic and Sex-ability = most guys brag and are proud of their sexual strength today and most ladies crave for this, but before you end up regretting ask your self this Question ; will i be this active in the next 20 years?, what happens when i can no longer give it to her just the way she love it? (she will go for a younger and act..... continue here

    More Love stories and Articles coming soon here.


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    1. My boyfriend and I were together for nearly a year and he broke up with me in August. The breakup was pretty brutal to be honest. When I asked him if he loved me he said that “he thought he did.” Which was obviously horrible to hear especially since he was the first one to drop the ‘I love you’ bomb when we were dating. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I started to breakdown and told him to leave and that we were done. He was crying when he left so I can’t tell if it was because he really did love me or he just felt guilty. Who knows. But I didn’t speak him for nearly 7 months. My friends helpful. They told me about magic strong( he has a website http://magical-rituals.com ). Not thinking much about it I give a try. I bought love spell in special offer. Effect appears very quickly. Boyfriend back to me. I never believed in those magical things but I change my mind about it.


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